Daily Clean

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  • Supports your body, mind and immune system
  • Reduces stress and fatigue in your body
  • Contains 7 unique plant extracts, vitamins and minerals


Crazy about ginger and turmeric shots? Then this is your thing! This detox shot provides your body with the right ingredients for a kick start to your day and is the best choice for anyone who wants to work on their health despite their busy lifestyle.

The SUPP24 Daily Clean shot works as a supplement to your healthy daily diet. This drink contains several ingredients that support your body, mind and immune system, balance your hormone balance and reduce stress and fatigue.

SUPP24 Daily Clean shot has an effect on:

  • Metabolism: supports your energy level. (vitamins B2, B5, B8 and C)
  • Immune system: contributes to good resistance. (vitamins B9, C, selenium and zinc)
  • Relaxation and sleep: Helps with fatigue and fatigue (B2, B5) and supports in stressful situations (vitamin B5) and is good for the state of mind. (vitamins B3 and C)
  • Anti-oxidant action: protects the cells. (vitamins B2, E, C, selenium, zinc)
  • Hormonal action: Contributes to the activity of hormones. (zinc)
  • Skin: Helps to purify the skin from the inside.

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